Welcome to Delaney's

Back in 1991, two traveling Irishmen arrived in Hong Kong and immediately set out in a search for a pint of Guinness. To both of their disappointment, no Irish pubs were to be found - let alone draught Guinness. They felt that no city in the world should be without an Irish pub, and so Delaney's was born.


Opened in August 1994, Delaney's the Irish Pub in Wanchai is the first Irish pub in Hong Kong serving the city's first Draught Guinness. Nine months after its successful opening, the second Irish pub of the city, Delaney's Kowloon, opened its door in March 1995.


Delaney's brings out the uniqueness of an authentic Irish Pub and is reminiscent of spectacular pubs of Dublin. It is an oasis of authentic Irish food and drinks with friendly, chatty staff and warm atmosphere - a nice "craic". The interior is made of hand-crafted Victorian-style furniture and fixtures with rich design details that include traditional snugs, stained and polished brass and leather sofas.


The bar features a broad selection of Irish ales and beers along with the most famous of Irish beers, Draft Guinness and Kilkenny. Football and Rugby fans can enjoy matches live on gigantic TV screens.


Delaney's has always maintained a high reputation for generously portioned authentic Irish food. Signature dishes include the Irish stew, Irish Boxty (traditional potato pancake), Guinness Chicken Wings and Beef & Guinness Pie. Delaney's also serves a Carvery Roast, which includes beef, lamb and turkey with all trimmings and a sumptuous Salad Bar.


In the year of 1997, Delaney's Kowloon has moved to its current bigger and better location on Peking road. Now, Delaney's Wanchai has followed suit, moving to the ground and first floor of the same building, in what promises to be an outstanding success all over again.


Both Delaney's Wanchai and Delaney's Kowloon are easily accessible by MTR, taxi and the famous Star Ferry.


Delaney's will continue to carry the Irish flag and set the standard for Irish pubs in Hong Kong for a long time to come.


In 1998, Delaney's added a younger sibling to their fold that they named The Dublin Jack. Like Delaney's, The Dublin Jack offers the same welcoming hospitality.